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Peter Bruton

Natural Resources Canada

615 Booth Street 6th Floor Room 650, K1A 0E9 Ottawa, Canada


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The Atlas of Canada's Web Mapping Service (WMS) is an Internet-based service designed to provide developers of on-line mapping tools access to the Atlas of Canada's Framework Data Sets. By using this service, developers gain access to our most current and accurate base data for rendering customized maps. Our OGC-compliant WMS technology will be provided free of charge and does not require a contract, license agreement or any special software systems - only a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. This WMS provides access to five different Framework Data Sets (world, North ciccumpolar region, North America, Canada 7.5 million, and Canada 1 million). Each Framework Data sets provides is a set of integrated base map layers depicting the locations of features such as hydrology, roads, railways, populated places and administrative boundaries. A number of non-standard projections are available via this WMS. They are: 54003 - World Miller Cylindrical, 54004 - World Mercator, 54008 - World Sinusoidal, 54009 - World Mollweide, 54030 - World Robinson, 102016 - North Pole Azimuthal Equidistant, 102017 - North Pole Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, 102018 - North Pole Stereographic, 102008 - North America Albers Equal Area Conic, and 102009 - North America Lambert Conformal Conic.

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