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University of Geneva & UNEP/GRID-Geneva (unverified)

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Gregory Giuliani

University of Geneva & UNEP/GRID-Geneva

7 route de Drize, 1227 Carouge, USA


Phone: +41 22 917 84 17

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Available map layers (25)

Black Sea Catchment (eg_swatinputs:BSC_Border)

Black Sea Catchment

BSC_Countries (eg_swatinputs:BSC_Countries)

Black Sea Countries (eg_swatinputs:BSC_Countries_complete)

Black Sea countries extracted from ArcGis layer "World Countries". World Countries represents the boundaries for the countries of the world as they existed in January 2008.

Discharge_87 (eg_swatinputs:Discharge_87)


Precipitation gauges location (eg_swatinputs:P)

Precipitation gauges location

Pcp_CRU (eg_swatinputs:Pcp_CRU)

Precipitation data, daily rainfall (mm)

PointSource (eg_swatinputs:PointSource)

Point sources pollution

Dams location (eg_swatinputs:Reservors_wg)

2 dams location: Siriu in Romania, Krasnodarskiy in Russia

Slr_BSC_final (eg_swatinputs:Slr_BSC_final)

Solar radiation

Temperature gauges location (eg_swatinputs:T)

Temperature gauges location

Temp_CRU (eg_swatinputs:Temp_CRU)

Temperature data, maximum and minimum temperature °C

WGN_CRU (eg_swatinputs:WGN_CRU)

Weather generator, Climate Research Unit

WGN_Stn_EU (eg_swatinputs:WGN_Stn_EU)

Weather generator stations

Watershed_BS2 (eg_swatinputs:Watershed_BS2)

Black Sea Basin with the area of 2million km2 was divided into 12982 subbasins

cityover10k_v3 (eg_swatinputs:city_over10k)

City over 10'000 inhabitants


har_rf_barley.tif (eg_swatinputs:har_rf_barley_tif)

Harvested rainfed barley (MIRACA2000)

harv_ir_barley.tif (eg_swatinputs:harv_ir_barley_tif)

Harvested irrigated barley (MIRACA2000)

harv_ir_maiz.tif (eg_swatinputs:harv_ir_maiz_tif)

Harvested irrigated maize (MIRACA2000)

harv_ir_wheat.tif (eg_swatinputs:harv_ir_wheat_tif)

Harvested irrigated wheat (MIRACA2000)

harv_rf_maiz.tif (eg_swatinputs:harv_rf_maiz_tif)

Harvested rainfed maize (MIRACA2000)

harv_rf_wheat.tif (eg_swatinputs:harv_rf_wheat_tif)

Harvested rainfed wheat (MIRACA2000)

ECRINS lake (eg_swatinputs:lake_ecrin)

European catchments and RIvers network System (Ecrins), Lake data set. EEA/EIONET PROJECTS/EEA hydrographic data set

reach_last (eg_swatinputs:reach_last)

This dataset is the river network delineated by SWAT for the entire Black Sea basin. The file has been manually corrected in the cases where flow directions were wrong due to insufficient topographic resolution (Reach_Last.shp)

river_ecrin (eg_swatinputs:river_ecrin_lamb)

European catchments and RIvers network System (Ecrins), . It is a fully connected system of watersheds, rivers, lakes, monitoring stations, dams, made from the JRC CCM2.1 and many other sources. Compared to CCM, ECRINS offers a smaller number (138,000 instead of >2,000,000) of elementary catchments which average size is 92km2. Only the main drainage system, nevertheless comprising ~ 1.4 million km of rivers has been kept.

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