Eastleigh Borough Council

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Eastleigh Borough Council (unverified)

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Nic Horn

Eastleigh Borough Council

SO50 9YN Eastleigh, UK

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This is the reference implementation of WFS 1.0.0 and WFS 1.1.0, supports all WFS operations including Transaction.

Available map layers (6)

Section 106 (GIS:Section106)

Overlay shows the extent of section 106 boundaries as polygons within Eastleigh Borough Council. A section 106 is a legally binding obligation attached to a piece of land. They enable the council to secure contributions to services, infrastructure and amenities in order to support and facilitate a proposed development.


Location of allotments within Eastleigh Borough.

Article 4 Direction Areas (GIS:ARTICLE4)

Defined Article 4 Areas within Eastleigh Borough Council. The limit of each area is recorded as a polygon

Recycling Sites (GIS:RecyclingSites)

Shows the location of household waste sites as well as recycling banks and includes information on the type of material that can be recycled at each location.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) (GIS:Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs))

Eastleigh Tree Preservation Orders

Residents Parking Zones Lines (GIS:ParkingZonesLine)

Shows the boundary extent of residents parking zones. Properties that fall within a zone are not necessarily entitled to a permit. The map layer also shows the month when permits are due for renewal.

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