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WFS download service for the theme Addresses (AD) is a public download service for provision of data from the INSPIRE theme Addresses (AD) that makes possible repetitive download of these data in files by municipalities and an online access to these data using the WFS 2.0.0. technology. The download service provides harmonised data from the theme Addresses (AD) in GML formate according to INSPIRE. The service is available for the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The service fulfils technical guidance for INSPIRE download services v. 3.0.1 and simultaneously fulfils the OGC WFS 2.0.0 standard.

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Addresses (ad:Address)

The data correspond to the INSPIRE Directive for the theme Addresses (AD). Data are based primarily on the project RÚIAN (register of territorial identification, addresses and real estates), which is part of the Basic Registers of Czech Republic and contains information about identification, addresses and real estates. Data published in the INSPIRE harmonized dataset on Addresses contain only addresses and their components, which are country, municipality, municipality section, district of Prague (MOP), town district (MO/MČ), thoroughfare and post. The data set covers the whole area of Czech Republic. Data contain also 2D geometry - definition points of address. 1.69% , i.e. 49095 of addresses do not contain geometry (to 2018-07-09) and therefore are not included in the set. More in the Act no. 111/2009 Coll., on the basic registers, in Decree no. 359/2011 Coll., on the basic register of territorial identification, addresses and real estates in the current versions and in the INSPIRE Data Specification on Addresses v 3.0.1 from 2010-04-26.

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