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Topomap Shaded Relief 24k Topomap Shaded Relief 24k Topomap Shaded Relief 24k
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Available map layers (34)

Topomap Shaded Relief 24k (Topomap Shaded Relief 24k)


Topomap DRG 250k (Topomap DRG 250k)


Topomap DRG 24k (Topomap DRG 24k)


Topomap Shaded Relief 100k (Topomap Shaded Relief 100k)


Topomap DRG 100k (Topomap DRG 100k)


Shaded Relief NED 30meter (Shaded Relief NED 30meter)

Shaded Relief NED 10meter (Shaded Relief NED 10meter)

Shaded Relief 250k (Shaded Relief 250k)

DEM NED 30meter (DEM NED 30meter)


DEM NED 10meter (DEM NED 10meter)


Contours 100k (Contours 100k)


Contours 24k (Contours 24k)


DEM Red River and Devils Lake 1-meter 2009 (DEM Red River and Devils Lake 1-meter 2009)

DEM for the Red River and Devils Lake areas

DEMRR_Footprint (DEMRR_Footprint)

DEMRR_Boundary (DEMRR_Boundary)

Shaded Relief Red River and Devils Lake 1-meter 2009 (Shaded Relief Red River and Devils Lake 1-meter 2009)

Red River and Devils Lake area shaded relief built from 1m DEM

ShadedRR_Footprint (ShadedRR_Footprint)

ShadedRR_Boundary (ShadedRR_Boundary)

DEM Mouse River 2010 (DEM Mouse River 2010)

DEM Missouri River 2005 (DEM Missouri River 2005)

DEM Devils Lake 2000 (DEM Devils Lake 2000)

DEM Pembina River 2003 (DEM Pembina River 2003)

DEM Sheyenne River 2000 (DEM Sheyenne River 2000)

Devils Lake 2002 5-foot Contours (Devils Lake 2002 5-foot Contours)

Devils Lake 2002 1-foot Contours (Devils Lake 2002 1-foot Contours)

Devils Lake 2002 10-foot Contours (Devils Lake 2002 10-foot Contours)

Sheyenne River 2002 1-foot Contours (Sheyenne River 2002 1-foot Contours)

DEM Fargo 2011 (DEM Fargo 2011)

This is a DEM created from LiDAR data flown in mid-May of 2011. The Datum is NAVD 1988, US foot. It is a 5 foot by 5 foot grid size.

DEM Bismarck-Mandan 2009 (DEM Bismarck-Mandan 2009)

Wahpeton 2012 1-foot Contours (Wahpeton 2012 1-foot Contours)


Fargo 2011 1-foot Contours (Fargo 2011 1-foot Contours)

The Contour_1ft feature class was created using MARS software. A three foot/three pass gridded surface was used to generate tile based ESRI shape files. The shape files are merged together and topology validation was performed. The ground classified lidar points along with the breaklines lines was used to create the TIN which the contours were generated from.

Bismarck 2005 2-foot Contours (Bismarck 2005 2-foot Contours)


Bismarck-Mandan 2009 2-foot Contours (Bismarck-Mandan 2009 2-foot Contours)


Bismarck-Mandan 2009 10-foot Contours (Bismarck-Mandan 2009 10-foot Contours)


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