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Available map layers (46)

Power_Facilities (1)

Power Facilities

Communications (2)

Communication stations

Hispaniola_Roads_SmallScale (5)

Hispaniola Roads.

Hispaniola_Roads_LargeScale (6)

Roads in Hispaniola.

Bridges (7)

Bridges in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Data obtained from OpenStreetMap.

Fuel_Stations (8)

Fuel Stations

Ports (9)

A subset of the Maritime Ports Database gives the location and facility information of ports in Haiti.

Under_Water_Obstacles (10)

Underwater obstacles near the main port in Port-au-Prince.

Churches (12)


Hotels (13)


Schools (14)


Prisons (15)


Industrial_Sites (16)

Industrial Sites

Water_Bodies (18)

Water Bodies

Hydrography (19)


Fire_Stations (21)

Fire Stations

Field_Hospitals (22)

Field Hospitals

Hospitals (23)


Police (24)


Operations_Center (25)

Operations Center

Aid_Distribution_Sites (26)

Aid Distribution Sites

Embassies (28)


Government_Facilities (29)

Government Facilities

Military_Facilities (30)

Military Facilities

UN_Facilities (31)

UN Facilities

Hispaniola_Coastlines (33)

Population_Estimates (34)

Total population estimates for Haiti by 3rd level administrative boundary.

Populated_Places (35)

Major population centers in Haiti at the 3rd level administrative boundary.

ShakeMap_2010_01_10 (37)

Shake intensity map for the 7.0 earthquake event in Haiti on Jan 12, 2010. Map version 7 processed Wed Jan 13, 2010.

Damage_Summary_Jan16 (38)

Damage Summary as of January 16, 2010.

Damaged_Areas_Jan16 (39)

Damage Extent as of January 16, 2010.

Damaged_Structures (40)

Displaced_Populations (41)

Concentrations of people who have set up temporary shelter in open spaces.

Possible_Landslides (42)

Possible landslides identified based on satellite image after the Jan 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Internally_Displaced_Persons (43)

This dataset identifies locations of IDP (internally displace persons) camps, population, and the camp management agency if available. Last updated July 6th, 2010.

Haiti_Earthquake_Summary (44)

Locations of Haiti earthquakes and aftershocks from Jan 1, 2010 to Feb 9, 2010.

Cholera_Deaths (46)

Haiti Cholera Deaths.

Cholera_Hospital_Cases (47)

Haiti Cholera Hospital Cases.

Cholera_Cases_Seen (48)

Haiti Cholera Cases Seen.

Wells (49)

Locations of wells

Water_Tower (50)

Locations of water towers in Haiti

Toilets (51)

Locations of toilets in Hispaniola.

Showers (52)

Locations of sources of water for washing in Hispaniola.

Drinking_Water (53)

Locations of drinking water in Hispaniola.

Cholera_Cases_PaP (54)

Number of Cholera cases seen, hospitalized, and total number of deaths for each department.

Cholera_Treatment_Areas (55)

Cholera Treatment Areas.

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