Administration du cadastre et de la to…

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Administration du cadastre et de la topographie (unverified)

Contact information:

Francis Kaell

Administration du cadastre et de la topographie

54 avenue Gaston Diderich, 1420 Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Phone: 44901 - 244

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This service provides INSPIRE Data.

Available map layers (21)

Aerodrome Area (TN.AirTransportNetwork.AerodromeArea)

Layer Aerodrome Area

Airspace Area (TN.AirTransportNetwork.AirspaceArea)

Layer Airspace Area

Apron Area (TN.AirTransportNetwork.ApronArea)

Layer Apron Area

Runway Area (TN.AirTransportNetwork.RunwayArea)

Layer Runway Area

Taxiway Area (TN.AirTransportNetwork.TaxiwayArea)

Layer Taxiway Area

Generic Transport Area (TN.CommonTransportElements.TransportArea)

Layer Generic Transport Area

Generic Transport Node (TN.CommonTransportElements.TransportNode)

Layer Generic Transport Node

Railway Area (TN.RailTransportNetwork.RailwayArea)

Layer Railway Area

Railway Station Area (TN.RailTransportNetwork.RailwayStationArea)

Layer Railway Station Area

Railway Yard Area (TN.RailTransportNetwork.RailwayYardArea)

Layer Railway Yard Area

Road Area (TN.RoadTransportNetwork.RoadArea)

Layer Road Area

Road Service Area (TN.RoadTransportNetwork.RoadServiceArea)

Layer Road Service Area

Vehicle traffic Area (TN.RoadTransportNetwork.VehicleTrafficArea)

Layer Vehicle traffic Area

Fairway Area (TN.WaterTransportNetwork.FairwayArea)

Layer Fairway Area

Port Area (TN.WaterTransportNetwork.PortArea)

Layer Port Area

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