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HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.DamOrWeir HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.DamOrWeir HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.DamOrWeir
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Administration du cadastre et de la topographie (unverified)

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Francis Kaell

Administration du cadastre et de la topographie

54 avenue Gaston Diderich, 1420 Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Phone: 44901 - 244

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This service provides INSPIRE Data.

Available map layers (32)

Spring or Seep, Vanishing Point (HY.AquiferNode)

Layer Spring or Seep Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point (HY.AquiferNode.VanishingPoint)

Layer Vanishing Point

Spring or Seep (HY.AquiferNode.SpringOrSeep)

Layer Spring or Seep

Hydrographic Network (HY.Network)

Layer Hydrographic Network

Hydrographic Network - hydro node (HY.Network.HydroNode)

Layer Hydrographic Network - hydro node

Catchment (HY.PhysicalWaters.Catchments)

Layer Catchment

Catchment - river basin (HY.PhysicalWaters.Catchments.RiverBasin)

Layer Catchment - river basin

Catchment - drainage basin (HY.PhysicalWaters.Catchments.DrainageBasin)

Layer Catchment - drainage basin

Hydro Point of Interest (HY.PhysicalWaters.HydroPointOfInterest)

Layer Hydro Point of Interest

Hydro Point of Interest - Rapids (HY.PhysicalWaters.HydroPointOfInterest.Rapids)

Layer Hydro Point of Interest - Rapids

Hydro Point of Interest - Falls (HY.PhysicalWaters.HydroPointOfInterest.Falls)

Layer Hydro Point of Interest - Falls

Land-Water Boundary (HY.PhysicalWaters.LandWaterBoundary)

Layer Land-Water Boundary

Man-made Object (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject)

Layer Man-made Object

Man-made Object - Sluice (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.Sluice)

Layer Man-made Object - Sluice

Man-made Object - Shoreline Construction (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.ShorelineConstruction)

Layer Man-made Object - Shoreline Construction

Man-made Object - Lock (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.Lock)

Layer Man-made Object - Lock

Man-made Object - Ford (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.Ford)

Layer Man-made Object - Ford

Man-made Object - Dam or Weir (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.DamOrWeir)

Layer Man-made Object - Dam or Weir

Man-made Object - Crossing (HY.PhysicalWaters.ManMadeObject.Crossing)

Layer Man-made Object - Crossing

Waterbody (HY.PhysicalWaters.Waterbodies)

Layer Waterbody

Waterbody - water course (HY.PhysicalWaters.Waterbodies.Watercourse)

Layer Waterbody - water course

Waterbody - standing water (HY.PhysicalWaters.Waterbodies.StandingWater)

Layer Waterbody - standing water

Shore/Wetland/Glacier/Snowfield (HY.HydroObject)

Layer ShoreWetlandGlacierSnowfield

Wetland (HY.HydroObject.Wetland)

Layer Wetland

Shore (HY.HydroObject.Shore)

Layer Shore

Glacier/Snowfield (HY.HydroObject.GlacierSnowfield)

Layer GlacierSnowfield

Ocean Region (HY.OceanRegion)

Layer Ocean Region

WFD-Coastal water (HY.Reporting.WFDCoastalWater)

Layer WFD-Coastal water

WFD-Lake (HY.Reporting.WFDLake)

Layer WFD-Lake

WFD-River (HY.Reporting.WFDRiver)

Layer WFD-River

WFD-Transitional water (HY.Reporting.WFDTransitionalWater)

Layer WFD-Transitional water

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