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Geoff Flint


230 California Street, Suite 420, 94111 San Francisco, USA


Phone: +1 415 777-3303

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CustomWeather WMS Map Server. Contact:

Available map layers (86)

hurricanes (hurricanes)

openwms (openwms)

legend (legend)

marine_zones (marine_zones)

flood (flood)

storm_track_symbol (storm_track_symbol)

base (base)

radar_mask (radar_mask)

country_borders (country_borders)

contour_low (contour_low)

kmeans (kmeans)

rivers (rivers)

severe_watches (severe_watches)

conditions (conditions)

label (label)

lightning (lightning)

world_borders (world_borders)

coasts (coasts)

fractal (fractal)

maricopa_streams (maricopa_streams)

maricopa (maricopa)

airport_delay (airport_delay)

paradigm (paradigm)

geom (geom)

contour_pressure (contour_pressure)

coasts_lakes (coasts_lakes)

maple (maple)

radar_edited (radar_edited)

nhe_exp (nhe_exp)

counties (counties)

smooth_radar (smooth_radar)

contour_high (contour_high)

contour_syn_precip (contour_syn_precip)

contour_fire_danger (contour_fire_danger)

eqc (eqc)

vector (vector)

severe_warnings (severe_warnings)

au_radar (au_radar)

global_ir_satellite_10km (global_ir_satellite_10km)

uv (uv)

forecasts (forecasts)

maricopa_rivers (maricopa_rivers)

radar_precip_mode (radar_precip_mode)

conrec (conrec)

interstates (interstates)

maple_raster (maple_raster)

wide_conus_ir_satellite_4km (wide_conus_ir_satellite_4km)

synoptic_weather (synoptic_weather)

zones (zones)

state_borders (state_borders)

contour (contour)

high_seas (high_seas)

borders (borders)

geohash (geohash)

hurricane (hurricane)

tilestruct (tilestruct)

lanczos (lanczos)

mapz (mapz)

land_sea_mask (land_sea_mask)

contour_precip (contour_precip)

current_conditions (current_conditions)

geohash0 (geohash0)

gazetteer (gazetteer)

smooth_satellite (smooth_satellite)

draw (draw)

triangle (triangle)

future_lightning (future_lightning)

maricopa_watershd (maricopa_watershd)

raster_dump (raster_dump)

fire_zones (fire_zones)

nightandday (nightandday)

maricopa_zones (maricopa_zones)

paint (paint)

earthquakes (earthquakes)

raster (raster)

storm_track (storm_track)

frontlines (frontlines)

contour_jet_stream (contour_jet_stream)

archive (archive)

inspect (inspect)

post_borders (post_borders)

radar_ex (radar_ex)

radar (radar)

pacus_ir_satellite_4km (pacus_ir_satellite_4km)

conus_ir_satellite_4km (conus_ir_satellite_4km)

anim (anim)

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