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Available map layers (21)

Registered Village Green (Inspire:REGISTERED_VILLAGE_GREEN)

Map of the Register of Town or Village Greens. As a Commons Registration Authority, Southampton City Council is responsible for maintaining the Registers of Common Land and Village Greens. This register is a statutory document (Commons Registration Act, 1965) and shows all such registered land in our area.

Transport Improvements (Inspire:LOCALPLAN_TRANSPORT)

Local Plan Review Proposed Modifications 2005 - Development plan for the city. Transport Improvements.

Airport Public Safety Zone (Inspire:SAFEGUARDING_ZONES)

Aerodrome & Technical Site Safeguarding & Airport Public Safety Zone. Policy SDP19 in the Southampton Local Plan Review.

Brownfield Sites Register (Inspire:BROWNFIELD_REGISTER)

Register of Brownfield Sites in Southampton.

Motorcycle Parking (Inspire:PARKING_MOTORCYCLE)

Motorcycle parking bays in Southampton

Coach Parking Bays (Inspire:PARKING_COACH)

Coach Parking Bays in Southampton

Air Quality Management Areas (Inspire:AIR_QUALITY_MANAGEMENT_AREAS)

Air Quality Management Areas. Areas identified where air quality objectives are not being met. Actions taken to improve air quality are focused on these areas and their success measured by ongoing monitoring and assessment of these specific areas. The actions taken to improve air quality in the AQMA's and across the city are described in the Council's Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP), adopted in April 2008.

Historic Waste and Industry (Inspire:HISTORIC_WASTE_INDUSTRY)

Areas where waste and industry have been historically located. These areas have been digitized with reference to historic maps.

Smoke Control Areas (Inspire:SMOKE_CONTROL_AREAS)

Declared Smoke Control Areas under the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968. It is an offence to emit smoke from a chimney of a building, (commercial or residential), from a furnace or from any fixed boiler if located in a designated smoke control area.

Strategic Industrial Locations (Inspire:LOCALPLAN_INDUSTRY)

Areas allocated for industry and warehousing in the Southampton City Council Local Plan

Conservation Areas (Inspire:CONSERVATION_AREAS)

Conservation Areas in Southampton, as designated in the City of Southampton Local Plan Review (March 2006)

Allotments (Inspire:ALLOTMENTS)

Southampton and surrounding areas allotments, community gardens and urban farms. Areas classified as allotments, community gardens and urban farms in the Southampton Open Spaces Hierarchy.

Green Corridors (Inspire:GREEN_CORRIDORS)

Green Corridors in Southampton are known as Greenways. Ribbons of open space that follow stream valleys. They form valuable breaks in the built up area and in some cases reach out into the open countryside beyond. They provide areas for recreation and enhance Southampton’s landscape and provide a green corridor for wildlife.

Parks and Open Spaces (Inspire:PARKS_AND_OPEN_SPACES)

Formal parks, recreation areas and amenity open spaces in and around Southampton

Disabled Parking Bays for Public Use (Inspire:PARKING_DISABLED_BAYS)

Designated Disabled Parking Bays for Public Use

Parking Traffic Regulation Orders (Inspire:PARKING_TROS)

Parking Traffic Regulation Orders in Southampton

OnStreet Parking (Inspire:ONSTREET_PARKING)

On-street parking zones and charges information.

Residents Parking Zones (Inspire:PARKING_RESIDENTS_ZONES)

Residents Parking Zones

Council Properties (Inspire:COUNCIL_PROPERTIES)

Properties and land, other than council housing, owned by Southampton City Council.

Tree Preservation Orders (Inspire:TREE_PRESERVATION_ORDERS)

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) in Southampton. A TPO gives legal protection against a tree being cut down, topped, lopped, uprooted, willfully damaged or willfully destroyed. It is an offence to cut down any part of a tree including the roots which is the subject of a TPO without first obtaining consent from the Local Planning Authority. The information within these map layers is indicative only. If you are intending to carry out any works to trees then you should contact the trees team first on 023 8083 3005 or email to confirm the protection status of the tree/s, if you do not then you risk prosecution if the tree is protected.

Car Parks (Inspire:CAR_PARKS)

Council Maintained Car Parks

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