Scottish Natural Heritage

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Scottish Natural Heritage (unverified)

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Scottish Natural Heritage

Great Glen House, Leachkin Road, IV3 8NW Inverness, United Kingdom


Phone: +44 01463 725000

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OGC compliant WMS server publishing datasets from Scottish Natural Heritage

Available map layers (12)

Wildness - Ruggedness (0)

Challenging or rugged terrain

Wildness - Remoteness (1)

Remoteness from public roads or ferries

Wildness - Percieved Naturalness (2)

The perceived naturalness of the land cover

Wildness - Composite (3)

Relative wildness based on the four component layers

Wildness - Impact of modern artefacts (4)

The visible lack of buildings, roads, pylons and other modern artefacts

Landscape Character Assessment (5)

Loch Lomond and Trossachs NP LCA (6)

Natural Heritage Futures Zones (7)

Wild Land Areas 2014 (8)

The data contains boundaries of core wild land areas in Scotland as determined by their level of naturalness, remoteness, ruggedness and absence of modern artefacts. Boundaries should be considered as 'fuzzy' rather than definitive to reflect the transitional nature of wild land.

Cairngorms Geomorphology - Polygons (9)

Cairngorms Geomorphology - Lines (10)

Core Paths (11)

This dataset provides a snapshot of Core Paths across Scotland. It is not suitable for detailed analysis. The definitive Core Paths datasets are managed by the local authorities, see

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