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OGC-compliant web map tiling server (WMTS) by CubeWerx Inc.

Available map layers (59)

Data Quality Areas (Foundation.dqarea_dq_1m)

Miscellaneous Transportation Line Features (Foundation.mistranl_1m)

Pipelines (Foundation.pipel_1m)

Administrative Areas (Foundation.polbnda_1m)

Transportation Coverage Text (Foundation.transtxt_1m)

Boundaries Coverage Text (Foundation.bndtxt_1m)

Coastlines (Foundation.coastl_1m)

Oceans/Seas (Foundation.oceansea_1m)

Danger Point Features (Foundation.dangerp_1m)

Miscellaneous Industry Point Features (Foundation.misindp_1m)

Political Boundaries (Foundation.polbndl_1m)

Roads (Foundation.roadl_1m)

Political Boundary Point Features (Foundation.polbndp_1m)

Built-Up Areas (Foundation.builtupa_1m)

Data Quality Lines (Foundation.dqline_dq_1m)

Trees (Foundation.treesa_1m)

Utilities Coverage Text (Foundation.utiltxt_1m)

Data Quality Line Features (Foundation.dqline_util_1m)

Global 2 Minute Elevations (Foundation.etopo2)

ETOPO2 was generated from a digital data base of land and sea-floor elevations on a 2-minute latitude/longitude grid. The data sources used to create the ETOPO2 data set were: Smith/Sandwell, GLOBE, DBDBV, IBCAO, and DBDB5

Snow/Ice Fields and Glaciers (Foundation.landicea_1m)

Depth Contours (Foundation.depthl_1m)

Grasslands (Foundation.grassa_1m)

Physiography Coverage Text (Foundation.phystxt_1m)

Trails and Tracks (Foundation.traill_1m)

Tundra (Foundation.tundraa_1m)

Croplands (Foundation.cropa_1m)

Miscellaneous Population Areas (Foundation.mispopa_1m)

Fish Hatcheries/Fish Farms (Foundation.fishinda_1m)

Data Quality Line Features (Foundation.dqline_trans_1m)

Landform Line Features (Foundation.lndfrml_1m)

Transportation Structures Lines (Foundation.transtrl_1m)

Miscellaneous Point Features (Foundation.miscp_hydro_1m)

Elevation Contours (Foundation.contourl_1m)

Marshs/Swamps (Foundation.swampa_1m)

Built-Up Area Points (Foundation.builtupp_1m)

Railroad Yard Points (Foundation.rryardp_1m)

Railroads (Foundation.railrdl_1m)

Aqueducts/Canals/Flumes/Penstocks (Foundation.aquecanl_1m)

Extraction Point Features (Foundation.extractp_1m)

Industry Coverage Text (Foundation.indtxt_1m)

Sea Ice Areas (Foundation.seaicea_1m)

Miscellaneous Population Points (Foundation.mispopp_1m)

Data Quality Text (Foundation.dqtxt_dq_1m)

Ground Surface Areas (Foundation.grounda_1m)

Barrier Line Features (Foundation.barrierl_1m)

Extraction Areas (Foundation.extracta_1m)

Inland Water Areas (Foundation.inwatera_1m)

Population Coverage Text (Foundation.poptxt_1m)

Spot Elevations (Foundation.elevp_1m)

Global 30 Second Elevations (Foundation.GTOPO30)

GTOPO30 is a global digital elevation model (DEM) resulting from a collaborative effort led by the staff at the U.S. Geological Surveys EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Elevations in GTOPO30 are regularly spaced at 30-arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer). GTOPO30 was developed to meet the needs of the geospatial data user community for regional and continental scale topographic data.

Storage Point Features (Foundation.storagep_1m)

Water Courses (Foundation.watrcrsl_1m)

Combination Background (Foundation.combo)

Hydrography Coverage Text (Foundation.hydrotxt_1m)

Airport Facilities Points (Foundation.aerofacp_1m)

Miscellaneous Line Features (Foundation.miscl_hydro_1m)

Utility Point Features (Foundation.utilp_1m)

Transportation Structures Points (Foundation.transtrc_1m)

Power Transmission/Telephone/Telegraph Lines (Foundation.utill_1m)

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