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Available map layers (38)

Interrisk (diana)

Longitudes/latitudes (base.LATLON)

Kart (kart)

Bottom topography (base.bottom)

Surface wind (hirlam.wind)

Cloud cover (hirlam.fog)

Air surf. temperature [°C] (hirlam.t2m)

Surface height (bio4.ssh)

Current (bio4.curr)

Speed (bio4.speed)

Salinity (bio4.salt)

Temperature (bio4.temp)

Phytoplankton (bio4.phyt)

Diatoms (bio4.diat)

Flagellates (bio4.flag)

Detritus (bio4.detr)

Nitrogen (bio4.nitr)

Phosphate (bio4.phos)

N/P ratio (bio4.npra)

Silicate (bio4.sili)

Oxygen (bio4.oxyg)

Bottom topography (bio4.depth)

Sign. wave height (wam10.wave_height)

Peak period (wam10.peak_periode)

Mean direction (wam10.mean_direction)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_2 (oildrift_interrisk_82_2)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_4 (oildrift_interrisk_82_4)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_5 (oildrift_interrisk_82_5)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_91 (oildrift_interrisk_82_91)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_92 (oildrift_interrisk_82_92)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_93 (oildrift_interrisk_82_93)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_94 (oildrift_interrisk_82_94)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_95 (oildrift_interrisk_82_95)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_82_99 (oildrift_interrisk_82_99)

Oildrift simulation interrisk_latest (oildrift_interrisk_latest)

SST 1.5km Nordsjøen (ms.osisaf_sst_nsea)

SST-10km 12hr mean (ms.osisaf_sst_12h)

SST 10km 168hr mean (ms.osisaf_sst_168h)

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