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Sub areas (Sub_areas)

Quadrants (Quadrants)

Blocks (Blocks)

Structural elements (Structural_elements)

Faults and boundaries (Faults_and_boundaries)

Announced blocks (announced_blocks)

Production licences all (pl_all)

PL current grey (pl_grey)

Production licences current (pl)

Seismic areas (Seismic_areas)

Area with stratigraphic licencing (Area_with_stratigraphic_licencing)

Business areas (Business_areas)

APA open (APA_open)

APA box (APA_gross)

Fields (Fields)

Discoveries (Discoveries)

Finished - other (sa_net_area_finished_other)

Paused - other (sa_net_area_paused_other)

Ongoing - other (sa_net_area_ongoing_other)

Planned - other (sa_net_area_planned_other)

Finished - 2D (sa_net_area_finished_2D)

Paused - 2D (sa_net_area_paused_2D)

Ongoing - 2D (sa_net_area_ongoing_2D)

Planned - 2D (sa_net_area_planned_2D)

Finished (sa_gross_area_finished)

Paused (sa_gross_area_paused)

Ongoing (sa_gross_area_ongoing)

Planned (sa_gross_area_planned)

Active exploration wells (active_exploration_wells)

Exploration wellbores (Exploration)

Development wellbores (Development)

Pipelines (Pipelines)

SubSurface facilities (SubSurface)

Surface facilities (Surface)

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