Czech Geological Survey

GeoServer Web Feature Service with user application schema

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Web Service, OGC Web Feature Service 1.1.0
OneGeology Europe, GeoSciML, WFS
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Data provider

Czech Geological Survey (unverified)

Contact information:

Petr Coupek

Czech Geological Survey

658 69 Brno, Czech Republic

Phone: +420607985538

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This is the reference implementation of WFS 1.0.0 and WFS 1.1.0, supports all WFS operations including Transaction.

Available map layers (29)

hgbody (cite:hgbody)

gm500_line_Type (topp:gm500_line)

Generated from GM500

mineraloccurrence (topp:mineraloccurrence)

hgeology (cite:hgeology)

gm500_polygon_Type (

Generated from GM500SK

onegeo_v3_Type (topp:onegeo_v3)

Generated from GM500

oge_ushp (topp:oge_ushp)

onegeo_v2_Type (topp:onegeo_v2)

Generated from GM500

ushp_pl (topp:ushp_pl)

onegeo_v_Type (topp:onegeo_v)

Generated from GM500

oge_sshp (topp:oge_sshp)

map_sheets (cite:map_sheets)

oge_ushp_sk (topp:oge_ushp_sk)

catchment (cite:catchment)

ushp_ge2 (topp:ushp_ge2)

Germany after Harmonization

oge_gu (topp:oge_gu)

fault (cite:fault)

gm500_fault_Type (topp:gm500_fault)

Generated from GM500

oge_gs (topp:oge_gs)

groundwater_flow_direction (cite:groundwater_flow_direction)

gm500_lines_Type (topp:gm500_lines_sk)

Generated from GM500SK

oge_sshp_sk (topp:oge_sshp_sk)

border (cite:border)

gm500_polygon_Type (topp:gm500_polygon)

Generated from GM500

onegeo_gm500_Type (topp:onegeo_gm500)

Generated from GM500

ushp_ge (topp:ushp_ge)

gm500_lines_Type (

Generated from GM500SK

hgeology_LT (cite:hgeology_LT)

gm500_lines_Type (topp:gm500_lines)

Generated from GM500

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