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The work to identify LCT's across Devon was coordinated by Devon County Council. It sought to identify more detailed landscape typologies that can be applied across district and national park boundaries but at a scale that could assist with the landscape management and planning policy development. The work on Dartmoor was carried out by Land Use Consultants in 2009/10 and led to the identification of 3 Landscape Character Types unique to Dartmoor within the County. These were unsettled high moorland, upland moorland with tors and upland river valleys. Other LCT'™s on Dartmoor followed landscapes types from the Devon menu found elsewhere in the county.

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Section 43 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended by Section 3 of the Wildlife and Countryside [Amendment] Act 1985) requires National Park Authorities to publish maps of land particularly important to conserve. This includes mountain, moor and heath; woodland; and cliff and foreshore. Section 3 Moor and Heath. The map shows those areas which are considered particularly important to conserve. The areas are included mainly on the basis of vegetation types but areas are also included for their natural beauty, archaeological resource or for recreational value. The conservation of the moorland is central to the National Park's fulfilment of its statutory duty to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of Dartmoor.

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Section 3 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1985 requires the National Park Authority to prepare a map showing areas of mountain, moor, heath, woodland, down, cliff or foreshore whose natural beauty are important to conserve. In addition to its natural beauty this area is also valuable for its ecological, archaeological and recreational importance. The map gives an overall impression of the distribution of woodland and those areas which are considered particularly important to retain. This dataset was superseded in June 2013 by a new dataset known as "Woodland of Conservation Importance".

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