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Salford City Council (unverified)

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Salford City Council

Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, M27 5DA Swinton, UK


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Draft Local Plan Policies (z_draft_local_plan_policies)

Layer-Group type layer: z_draft_local_plan_policies

Highway Status Layers (z_hwy_status)

Layer-Group type layer: z_hwy_status

Administrative and Government Services (admin_and_gov_services)

Administrative and social governmental services such as public administrations, civil protection, sites, schools, hospitals. This is point-based location of a variety of categories of municipal and governmental services and social infrastructure, such as police stations, fire fighter stations, hospitals, health care centres, care centres for the elderly, schools and kindergartens, renovation/ waste delivery sites and government and municipal offices.

Salford Allotment Sites (allotments)

Salford Bridges & Highway Structures (bridges_structures)

Children's centres (childrens_centres)

Community centres (community_centres)

Controlled Parking Zone (controlled_parking_zone)

A controlled parking zone has been introduced which restricts waiting throughout the zone and which is subject to pay and display charging. Highway signage displays the restriction applicable at all entry points into the zone. Generally speaking the zone restricts waiting between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am and 12.30pm on Saturdays. Attention should be given to additional signposting within the zone which gives details of other pertinent restrictions in force at that point, particularly in relation to loading or unloading operations. Some roads within the controlled zone permit waiting within marked bays subject to the purchase of a pay and display ticket, available at roadside machines. Care must be taken to display these tickets so that their details may be read from outside the vehicle by a Civil Enforcement Officer, otherwise a penalty charge notice may be issued. Normal parking restrictions apply on public holidays, unless signs on site indicate otherwise.

Cultural locations (cultural_locations)

Air Quality Monitoring Stations (env_air_quality_monitoring_stations)

Salford operates a number of automatic air quality stations for measurement of pollutants using continuous analyses. Some sites are part of the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN) and other are maintained by Salford City Council as part of the Greater Manchester Air Quality Network (GMAQN) . The network has over 10 years of data at various locations in the area. Data is available on Defra’s air quality pages, Greatairmanchester and air quality England. The sites in Salford are Eccles (AURN), M60 (AURN) and Glazebury (AURN) Note Defra operate the Glazebury site and are responsible for it. Defra also collect and manage the information for Eccles and the M60 data is managed by Salford. Current pollutants monitored Nitrogen dioxide, PM10, PM2.5, O3 Data available as excel compatible files Links for data

Nitrogen Dioxide Diffusion Tube Sites (env_diffusion_tube_sites)

Salford operates a nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube network to obtain information on the temporal and spatial variation. The network has over 10 years of data at various locations in the area. The tubes are exposed for set period and an annual average calculated.

Food Production Facilities (food_production)

Gateway centres (gateway_centres)

Salford greenspace (greenspace_audit)

The results of a greenspace audit undertaken in 2015 to catalogue all Salford green space regardless of ownership and type (including private land). This data forms the basis for the review of Salford greenspace strategy. If in any doubt, it is important to contact the Environment and Climate Change group of Spatial Planning for further information at

Gritting Routes (gritting_routes)

Common land and village greens (hwy_common_land_village_greens)

Salford leisure centres (leisure_centres)

Libraries (libraries)

Salford Parks (parks)

Polling Districts (polling_districts)

Polling districts of Salford used in elections.

Salford recycling centres (recycling_centres)

Salford Street Lighting (street_lights)

Definitive Rights of Way (v_def_row)

Land and property assets (v_land_and_property_assets)

Dataset of land and property assets, where the Council has either has an ownership or occupational interest. Council housing stock properties are not part of the land and property dataset. Roads/ highways/ highway infrastructure are not part of the land and property dataset. The boundaries represent occupational boundaries which may differ from the Council’s legal title boundary. Assets may be subject, in whole or part, to third party interests, for example, tenancies, leases, rights etc. Assets may be subject to long-term leases and therefore the record reflects the Council’s reversionary interest only. Asset numbers: Salford City Council Asset Register number Asset classification: Assets are classified in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) classifications. Data is subject to constant change.

Polling Stations (v_polling_stations)

Schools (v_schools)

Salford Youth Centres (youth_centres)

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