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GEUS map database - WFS/WMS/WCS/SOS

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GEUS, Geology, Denmark, Greenland
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The data published on this service are and remain the sole property of The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). This means that all rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patent and other intellectual property vest in GEUS. No proprietary rights whatsoever are transferred to the User. GEUS disclaims any responsibility for the quality of the Data and the applicability of the Data to the User's purposes. Therefore, GEUS does not assume any liability in respect of the consequences of the use of the Data, whether the consequences are caused by defects or shortcomings of the Data, the Users handling or use of the Data, or by any other reason.
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GEUS map database covering Denmark and Greenland

Available map layers (3)

rapportdb_lines (rapportdb_lines)

Snit med grundvandsrapporter

rapportdb_points (rapportdb_points)

Punkter med grundvandsrapporter

rapportdb_polygons (rapportdb_polygons)

Outlines for grundvandsrapporter. Store outlines er meget gennemsigtige mens smaa outlines kun er svagt gennemsigtige.

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