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Kansas Biological Survey


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EPA R7 stream database {1965_2003} (0)

NRSA 2008-2009 {FED51580} (1)

Missouri River Tributaries {FED46990} (2)

Sites on tributaries of the Missouri River, considered for sampling for the 2007-2009 project “Assessing the condition of USEPA Region 7's large tributaries of the Missouri River: A probabilistic design approach” (FED46990). The Central Plains Center for BioAssessment sampled 35 of these sites (indicated in the field “sampled” by “Y”). Sites were randomly selected and sampled using the protocols. We will use the 25th percentile statistical method to select reference sites from the 35 sampled. For more information see http://www.cpcb.ku.edu/research/html/nonwade.

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