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Cadastral Parcels. Direct access download service with INSPIRE application schema.

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CadastralParcel (cp:CadastralParcel)

-- Definition -- Areas defined by cadastral registers or equivalent. -- Description -- SOURCE [INSPIRE Directive:2007]. NOTE As much as possible, in the INSPIRE context, cadastral parcels should be forming a partition of national territory. Cadastral parcel should be considered as a single area of Earth surface (land and/or water), under homogeneous real property rights and unique ownership, real property rights and ownership being defined by national law (adapted from UN ECE 2004 and WG-CPI, 2006). By unique ownership is meant that the ownership is held by one or several joint owners for the whole parcel.

CadastralZoning (cp:CadastralZoning)

-- Definition -- Intermediary areas used in order to divide national territory into cadastral parcels. -- Description -- NOTE 1 In the INSPIRE context, cadastral zonings are to be used to carry metadata information and to facilitate portrayal and search of data. NOTE 2 Cadastral zonings have generally been defined when cadastral maps were created for the first time. EXAMPLE Municipality, section, parish, district, block.

CadastralBoundary (cp:CadastralBoundary)

-- Definition -- Part of the outline of a cadastral parcel. One cadastral boundary may be shared by two neighbouring cadastral parcels. -- Description -- NOTE In the INSPIRE context, cadastral boundaries are to be made available by member states where absolute positional accuracy information is recorded for the cadastral boundary (attribute estimated accuracy).

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