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Surface Geology of Estonia

OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit
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Geological Survey of Estonia (unverified)

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Sten Suuroja

Geological Survey of Estonia

Kadaka tee 82, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia


Phone: +372 6720094

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The service presents a map of surface geology of Estonia and has been created specifically for the OneGeology-Europe project. The map is compiled by combining and generalizing bedrock and Quaternary sediment maps in the scales 1:200 000 and 1:50 000. The areas on the map correspond to age, genetic and lithologic units of sediments and rocks lying directly under the topsoil layer.

Available map layers (2)

OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit (OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit)


OGE_1M_Surface_GeologicStructure (OGE_1M_surface_GeologicStructure)


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