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The nowCOAST 'wwa' Web Map Service (WMS) provides layers containing near real-time watches, warnings and advisories from the National Weather Service (NWS). These layers include the latest Tropical Cyclone Track Forecast from the NWS National Hurricane Center (NHC), updated hourly, as well as NWS short-duration warnings (Tornado, Extreme Wind, Severe Thunderstorm, Flood, Flash Flood, and Special Marine Warnings), updated each minute. The The 'wwa' WMS is one of several map services provided by NOAA's nowCOAST project ( For further layer information such as layer icons, legend graphics, layer descriptions, and valid timestamps, see the nowCOAST 'LayerInfo Web Service' description page at: For more information about nowCOAST's available Web Map Services, see the nowCOAST Map Services information page at: nowCOAST is a product of the NOAA/NOS/OCS Coast Survey Development Laboratory.

Available map layers (47)

Map Background - World Countries Labels (world_countries_label)

Map Background - World Countries (world_countries)

Map Background - World Rivers (world_rivers)

Map Background - World Lakes (world_lakes)

Map Background - Great Lakes (great_lakes)

Map Background - US States - General (us_states_gen)

Map Background - US/Canada Background (us_canada_back)

Map Background - Canadian Provinces (provinces)

Map Background - US County Borders (counties)

Map Background - Air Route Traffic Ctrl Ctr Boundaries (artcc)

Map Background - Rivers (rivers)

Map Background - Lakes (lakes)

Map Background - Watersheds (watersheds)

Map Background - Coastal Labels (coastal_labels)

Tornado Warnings (WARN_SHORT_TOR)

Extreme Wind Warnings (WARN_SHORT_EWW)

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings (WARN_SHORT_SVR)

Flood Warnings (WARN_SHORT_FLW)

Flash Flood Warnings (WARN_SHORT_FFW)

Special Marine Warnings (WARN_SHORT_SMW)

Trop. Cyclone Watches & Warnings (NHC_TRACK_WWLIN)

Tropical Cyclone Track Lines (NHC_TRACK_LIN)

Tropical Cyclone Track Points (NHC_TRACK_PT)

Cone of Uncertainty (NHC_TRACK_POLY)

Storm Valid Times - 120hr (NHC_TRACK_PT_120DATE)

Storm Valid Times - 72hr (NHC_TRACK_PT_72DATE)

Storm Name & Valid Times - 0hr (NHC_TRACK_PT_0NAMEDATE)

Tropical Cyclone Track - 120hr Wind Labels (NHC_TRACK_PT_120WLBL)

Tropical Cyclone Track - 72hr Wind Labels (NHC_TRACK_PT_72WLBL)

Tropical Cyclone Track - 72hr Wind + CAT Labels (NHC_TRACK_PT_72CAT)

Tropical Cyclone Track - 120hr Wind + CAT Labels (NHC_TRACK_PT_120CAT)

Tropical Cyclone Track - MSLP Labels (NHC_TRACK_PT_MSLPLABELS)

Map Background - Urban Areas Fill (urban_areas_fill)

Map Background - Urban Areas Outline (urban_areas_outline)

Map Background - Major Roads (major_roads)

Map Background - US Interstates (us_interstates)

Map Background - Airport Runway Footprints (us_runways)

Map Background - US Cities (us_cities)

Map Background - Coastal Watch/Warning Breakpoints (tc_warn_breakpoints)

Map Background - National Marine Sanctuaries (marine_sanctuaries)

Map Background - Exclusive Economic Zone (eez)

Map Background - Latitude Grid Lines - 1/2 deg (lat_halfdeg)

Map Background - Longitude Grid Lines - 1/2 deg (lon_halfdeg)

Map Background - Latitude Grid Lines - 1 deg (lat_onedeg)

Map Background - Longitude Grid Lines - 1 deg (lon_onedeg)

Map Background - Latitude Grid Lines - 5 deg (lat_fivedeg)

Map Background - Longitude Grid Lines - 5 deg (lon_fivedeg)

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