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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (unverified)

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Jeroen Ticheler

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 1, 00153 Rome, Italy


Phone: +39-06 57051

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FAO GeoNetwork OGC Web Map Server (GNW)

Global land area with soil constraints (Global land area with soil constraints)

Global land area with soil constraints

Global land area with soil constraints (global_land_soil_constraints)

The GAEZ (Global Agro-Ecological Zones) land resources database allows characterization of various regions according to the prevailing climate, soil and terrain constraints. Based on this, a constraint classification has been formulated and has been applied to each gridcell of the database

Country Boundaries (Country Boundaries)

Country Boundaries

Coastal and country boundaries of the world (country_bnd)

Country boundaries map derived from the country boundaries on the Digitized Soil Map of the World. Updated up to 2005.

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