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ShorelineConstruction (hy-p:ShorelineConstruction)

-- Definition -- An artificial structure attached to land bordering a body of water and fixed in position. -- Description -- SOURCE [DFDD]. NOTE 1 It is usually fixed to the waterbody bottom (for example: a mole) but may occasionally be fixed in position (for example: attached to the shore at one end and held between pilings at the other) but floating. Shoreline constructions are normally used for berthing and/or protection. NOTE 2 Includes breakwater/groyne/wharf; but has more flexibility - also applies to inland waters.

Wetland (hy-p:Wetland)

-- Definition -- A poorly drained or periodically flooded area where the soil is saturated with water, and vegetation is supported. -- Description -- SOURCE [EuroRegionalMap]. EXAMPLE Marsh/swamp, bog/moor. NOTE Regarded as a candidate spatial object in Annex II theme 'Land cover' due to explicit mention in 2007/2/EC Ann. II 2.

LandWaterBoundary (hy-p:LandWaterBoundary)

-- Definition -- The line where a land mass is in contact with a body of water. -- Description -- SOURCE [DFDD]. NOTE The plane of reference for the land-water boundary should be a high water datum, such as 'Mean High Water Springs', 'High Water' or 'Mean Higher High Water'. Where there is little appreciable change in waterlevels / tide at the adjacent shore, then 'Mean Sea Level' or 'Local Datum' may be used.

Watercourse (hy-p:Watercourse)

-- Definition -- A natural or man-made flowing watercourse or stream. -- Description -- SOURCE [EuroRegionalMap].

Embankment (hy-p:Embankment)

-- Definition -- A man-made raised long mound of earth or other material. -- Description -- SOURCE [DFDD]. NOTE 1 Includes retaining walls, harbours, dikes. NOTE 2 Regarded as a candidate spatial object in Annex III theme 'Natural risk zones' due to its role in limiting flooding.

StandingWater (hy-p:StandingWater)

-- Definition -- A body of water that is entirely surrounded by land. -- Description -- SOURCE [DFDD]. NOTE It may occur in a natural terrain depression in which water collects, or may be impounded by a dam, or formed by its bed being hollowed out of the soil, or formed by embanking and/or damming up a natural hollow (for example: by a beaver dam). It may be connected to inflowing / outflowing watercourses or other standing waters.

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