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Canada National Wildlife Areas
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Environment Canada establishes marine and terrestrial National Wildlife Areas (NWAs) for the purposes of conservation, research and interpretation. These areas are established to protect migratory birds, species at risk, and other wildlife and their habitat. National Wildlife Areas are established under the authority of the Canada Wildlife Act and are, first and foremost, places for wildlife. There are 54 National Wildlife Areas in total across Canada, all of which possess nationally significant habitats for animals or plants. These 54 NWAs protect approximately 1 million hectares of both in-land and marine habitats. The federal government plays a central role in conserving this natural wealth and its biodiversity by protecting habitat of national ecological importance. Environment Canada is one of three federal departments mandated to protect habitat, and it achieves this by conserving and protecting migratory birds, species at risk and other species of national interest. Although not all NWAs are suitable for public access due to their ecological sensitivity, some selected sites can be managed to ensure that any public activities do not interfere with the conservation of wildlife. As part of the National Conservation Plan, Environment Canada will be investing a total of $8 million over five years, and $725,000 on an ongoing basis in 10 National Wildlife Areas across Canada.

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