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Government of Yukon
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Created for distribution by the GeoYukon application as a comprehensive resource for all publicly available Culture and Heritage information in the Government of Yukon. This data may be used directly by other applications to dynamically display Yukon data; however, it may be subject to change as data sets are updated or added.

Available map layers (21)

Designated Historic Sites (0)

First Nation Heritage Routes (1)

Cultural Feature (2)

Cultural Annotation (3)

Cultural Features Annotation - 250k (4)

Cultural - Annotation 250k (5)

Cultural Features Annotation - 50k (6)

Cultural - Annotation 50k (7)

Cultural Features Annotation - 10k (8)

Industrial Annotation - 10k (9)

Cultural Features Point - 250k (10)

Cultural Features Polygon - 250k (11)

Cultural Features Point - 50k (12)

Cultural Features Line - 50k (13)

Cultural Features Polygon - 50k (14)

First Nation Heritage Sites (15)

Tourism (16)

Wilderness Tourism Activities (17)

Wilderness Tourism Trails (18)

Yukon Canadian Heritage Rivers (19)

Yukon Tourism Regions (20)

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