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Business, Economic, revenus, industry, tourism, ecotourism, forestry, fisheries, subsistence hunting, commercial, exploration
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NWT Centre for Geomatics, 2013
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ECO - Business and economic (economy) Economic activities or employment. For example, resources describing labor; revenue; commerce; industry; tourism and ecotourism; forestry; fisheries; commercial or subsistence hunting; and exploration and exploitation of resources, such as minerals, oil, and gas.

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Active Mineral Tenure (0)

Active Mineral Claims (1)

Active Mineral Leases (2)

Active Prospecting Permits (3)

Active Coal Exploration License (4)

Inactive Mineral Tenure (5)

Inactive Mineral Claims (6)

Inactive Mineral Leases (7)

Inactive Prospecting Permits (8)

Inactive Coal Exploration License (9)

Oil and Gas (10)

Oil and Gas Rights (11)

Winning Bids 2011 (12)

Zama, Alberta (13)

Places of Special Interest (14)

Acasta Gneiss - Discovery Island (15)

Mineral Resources (16)

Mines (17)

Select Advanced Exploration Projects (18)

NWT Wells (19)

NWT Wells (20)

NWT Proposed & Existing Pipelines (21)

NWT Pipelines (22)

Proposed MGP route (23)

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