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Conservancy Boundaries, WIAT, Woodlands In and Around Towns, Forest District Boundaries
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Geo-Information Services Delivery Manager

Forestry Commission Scotland

Silvan House, 231 Corstorphine Road, EH12 7AT Edinburgh, UK


Phone: 0131 334 0303

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This interactive map service contains the following Forestry Commission Scotland administrative boundaries:- FCS Conservancy boundaries FC Forest District boundaries Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT) The layers can be switched on and off independently of each other. Please note that the Forest District boundaries have both been generalised in order to speed screen refresh response time. Forestry Commission Scotland would like to thank Scottish Natural Heritage for their co-operation in hosting this web service on behalf of FCS.

Available map layers (3)

FC Forest District Boundaries (0)

FC Forest District Boundaries

FCS Conservancy Boundaries (1)

FC Conservancy Boundaries

FCS Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT) (2)

FCS Woodlands In and Around Towns (WIAT)

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