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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides this map information in the public domain. USGS makes no warranty, express or implied, nor assumes any legal liability or responsibility for its accuracy, completeness, or usefulness. This map is the digital rendition of a map published by the Geological Society of America, as noted in the Abstract.
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U.S. Geological Survey (unverified)

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David R. Soller

U.S. Geological Survey

12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, MS 926A, 20192-0002 Reston, USA


Phone: 703 648 6907

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Garrity, C.P., and Soller, D.R., in review, Geologic database of the Geologic Map of North America (v.1.0), adapted from Reed et al. (2005): U.S. Geological Survey Data Product, to be available on CDROM and WWW. [Source map is: Reed, J.C., Wheeler, J.O., and Tucholke, B.E., 2005, Geologic Map of North America, South Sheet, Geological Society of America Continent-Scale Map 001, scale 1:5000000, available at http://www.geosociety.org/bookstore/default.asp?oID=0&catID=12&pID=CSM001F]. Information on digital conversion of this map will, by late August, become available in technical paper by Garrity and Soller, at http://ngmdb.usgs.gov/Info/dmt/DMT07presentations.html. Preparation for OneGeology WMS by S.M. Richard (Arizona Geological Survey and U.S. Geological Survey), C.P. Garrity (USGS), D.C. Percy (Portland State University and U.S. Geological Survey), and D.R. Soller (USGS).

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North America USGS 1:5M Geology (0)

Geologic Map of North America (Southern Sheet). Map published by Geological Society of America; database by U.S. Geological Survey. See Catalogue of Registered Services for more information.

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