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Available map layers (6)

RAN Bioluminescence Observations (ran:biolum)

RAN Bioluminescence Observations 1973 - Current

NSW Beach and Harbour sea surface temperature 1994 - Current (ran:beach_temp)

Web map service and Web feature service of time series of sea surface temperatures at several beach and harbour locations in New South Wales, Australia. The bulk of the locations are from swimming beaches or baths in the Sydney area. Most of the data has been gathered by the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) 'Beachwatch' monitoring program. The Beachwatch program measures water quality (bacterial count) and water temperature on a regular basis (usually every 6 days) at selected beaches in the Sydney area. Water temperature data is forwarded to the RAN Metoc Service data centre on a monthly basis and is added to this database/Web feature service. This data also includes observation of sea surface temperature at Jervis Bay, NSW gathered by the RAN from 1965 to 1990. A link to a metadata record for each location is included through the Web Map Service. Note that observation times in this dataset are local NSW clock times which may include Daylight Savings time in summer. Should you need to convert the observation time to UTC subtract the value in hours:mins from the TZONE column.

RAN Secchi Disk Measurements (ran:secchi)

RAN Secchi Disk Measurements 1966-Current

RAN Expendable Bathythermograph Deployments (ran:xbt)

RAN Expendable Bathythermograph Deployments 1991 - Current

RAN Seabed Samples (ran:seabed)

RAN Seabed Samples 1965-Current

RAN CTD Profile Data (ran:ctd)

This layer contains vertical profiles of pressure, temperature and salinity measured by a Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) probe. Data was gathered on Royal Australian Navy (RAN) ship hydrographic surveys. The data has been quality controlled and has quality control flags. Each vertical profile is stored as a single netCDF file. The netCDF files are accessible on the RAN Metoc THREDDS server at Files on the THREDDS server are organised by survey names (or cruise_id) Selecting a point (profile) on the map layer will enable download of the netCDF data file for that profile.

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