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Available map layers (22)

National Boundaries (countries)

USA State Boundaries 1:20M scale (states20m)

USA State boundaries (internal) (state_bounds)

Lat/Lon Grid (grid)

USA Hydrographic Features (lines) (hydrolin)

USA Hydrographic Features (polygons) (hydropol)

USA Hydrographic Features and Names (lines) (hydrolinnames)

USA Hydrographic Features and Names (polygons) (hydropolnames)

Chesapeake Bay Watersheds (basins)

Chesapeake Bay Watersheds and Names (basinnames)

GSHHS Shorelines (gshhsland)

GSHHS Inland Lakes (gshhslake)

GSHHS Inland Lake Islands (gshhsisle)

GSHHS Inland Lake Island Ponds (gshhspond)

John Smith Voyage #1 (June-July 1608) (smv1)

John Smith Voyage #2 (July-September 1608) (smv2)

USA Railroads (rail)

Aqua MODIS 1km True-Color Imagery (modis)

Terra MODIS 1km True-Color Imagery (terra)

GOES-12 Full-Disk Long-Wave Infrared Imagery (g12ir4)

CPC Global Infrared Composite (cpc)

Blue Marble 2002 - Land Surface Image (land)

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