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Baltic Sea Bathymetry Database (BSBD) (1)

The bathymetric model is created using data from the countries around the baltic sea. Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia have all delivered data for this 500 meter grid model. Notice that this is modeled data, not actual measurements. The purpose of this database is to deliver a homogenous bathymetric model for the complete baltic sea at specfic resolutions. It is also important to notice that this data must not be used for navigation. Read the disclaimer for detailed terms and conditions. The model will be updated when new data is received from the participating countries.For further information about the complete metadata record see the original data provider metadata at:http://www.geodata.se/GeodataExplorer/GetMetaDataURL?url=http://www.geodata.se/geonetwork/srv/en/csw?request=GetRecordById!!!service=CSW!!!version=2.0.2!!!elementSetName=full!!!id=d3d4d136-46ca-4c00-a8e9-33a1d3bfb4d1!!!outputSchema=csw:IsoRecordhttp://data.bshc.pro

Depth relief map (2)

Depth contours (3)

Coastline (4)

Territorial waters (5)

Exclusive Economic Zone (6)

PLC Baltic Sea subbasins (7)

Maritime Spatial Plan areas (8)

Catchments (JRC-CCM2) (10)

Rivers (JRC-CCM2) (11)

Rivers (12)

Seven largest rivers draining to the Baltic Sea (13)

This dataset contains the seven largest rivers in the Baltic Sea catchment areas. The dataset was created by Baltic Nest Institute (BNI), based on for the use of the HELCOM PLC-5.5 project.

Lakes (JRC-CCM2) (14)

Land cover (GLCF) (15)

Elevation (GMTED2010) (16)

Administrative boundaries (17)

Baltic Sea catchment area (18)

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