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Norwegian Polar Institute

Framsenteret, 9296 Tromsø, Norway


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The digital glacier database for Svalbard contains glacier outlines for the years 1936, 1966-71, 1990, and 2001-2010. For most glaciers, outlines are available from more than one of these years. A complete coverage of Svalbard is available for the 2001-2010 dataset. Glacier outlines were created using cartographic data from the original Norwegian Polar Institute topographic map series of Svalbard as basis by delineating individual glaciers and ice streams, assigning unique identification codes relating to the hydrological watersheds, digitizing center-lines, and providing a number of attributes for each glacier mask. The 2001-2010 glacier outlines are derived from orthorectified satellite images acquired from the SPOT-5 and ASTER satellite sensors. Documentation is available at and the 2001-2010 dataset can be downloaded from

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