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Claudius Ptolomaeus

The ancient geographes INC

Alexandria, Egypt


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A compliant implementation of WMS 1.1.1 plus most of the SLD 1.0 extension (dynamic styling). Can also generate PDF, SVG, KML, GeoRSS

Available map layers (55)

A sample ArcGrid file (nurc:Arc_Sample)

Basins_filt_pr (hrw:Basins_filt_pr)

CRIDFProjects_pr (hrw:CRIDFProjects_pr)

ConwyFloodRisk (hrw:ConwyFloodRisk)

Modelled flood risk data (probability of flood depth exceeding 0m, 0.45m, 0.60m and 1m) for Conwy district (north Wales)

DataStreamMeasuredDetailsDubaiCoast (hrw:DataStreamMeasuredDetailsDubaiCoast)

The measured datastreams available in the DubaiCoast database.

DataStreamMeasuredDetailsECOOP (hrw:DataStreamMeasuredDetailsECOOP)

A list of the measured datastreams available in the ECOOP database.

DataStreamMeasuredDetailsForeshoreDawlish (hrw:DataStreamMeasuredDetailsForeshoreDawlish)

All measured datastreams available in the ForeshoreDawlish database.

Hydrology (hrw:Hydrology)

Hydrological/catchment descriptors spatial data for the UK for use in UKSuds website

HydrologyExternal (hrw:HydrologyExternal)

Hydrological/catchment descriptors spatial data for the UK for use in UKSuds website (HOST is not returned)

North America sample imagery (nurc:Img_Sample)

Pk50095 is a A raster file accompanied by a spatial data file (nurc:Pk50095)

TimeSeriesParameterDubaiCoast (hrw:TimeSeriesParameterDubaiCoast)

All the parameters available in the DubaiCoast database.

TimeSeriesParameterECOOP (hrw:TimeSeriesParameterECOOP)

A list of the parameters measuring timeseries data in the ECOOP database.

TimeSeriesParameterForeshoreDawlish (hrw:TimeSeriesParameterForeshoreDawlish)

All of the parameters listed in the ForeshoreDawlish database.

TimeSeriesPointDubaiCoast (hrw:TimeSeriesPointDubaiCoast)

All of the time series points in the DubaiCoast database.

TimeSeriesPointECOOP (hrw:TimeSeriesPointECOOP)

A list of the points in the ECOOP database available to collect timeseries data.

TimeSeriesPointForeshoreDawlish (hrw:TimeSeriesPointForeshoreDawlish)

All of the timeseries points listed in the ForeshoreDawlish database.

TimeSeriesSourceDataDubaiCoast (hrw:TimeSeriesSourceDataDubaiCoast)

Time Series data in the DubaiCoast database which can be queried by date/time, parameter, point and source.

TimeSeriesSourceDataECOOP (hrw:TimeSeriesSourceDataECOOP)

Timeseries data in the ECOOP database available to be queried by date/time, point, parameter and souce.

TimeSeriesSourceDataForeshoreDawlish (hrw:TimeSeriesSourceDataForeshoreDawlish)

Timeseries data queried by source, parameter, point name, start timestamp, end timestamp.

alldata_SADC_BWS (hrw:alldata_SADC_BWS)

alldata_SADC_DRO (hrw:alldata_SADC_DRO)

alldata_SADC_GW (hrw:alldata_SADC_GW)

alldata_SADC_HFO (hrw:alldata_SADC_HFO)

alldata_SADC_STOR (hrw:alldata_SADC_STOR)

alldata_SADC_SV (hrw:alldata_SADC_SV)

alldata_SADC_WSV (hrw:alldata_SADC_WSV)

Spearfish archeological sites (sf:archsites)

Sample data from GRASS, archeological sites location, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

boundaries (gn:boundaries)

Spearfish bug locations (sf:bugsites)

Sample data from GRASS, bug sites location, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

ccp_rpj2 (hrw:ccp_rpj2)

floodpolygons_pr (hrw:floodpolygons_pr)

frp04 (hrw:frp04)

World rectangle (tiger:giant_polygon)

A simple rectangular polygon covering most of the world, it's only used for the purpose of providing a background (WMS bgcolor could be used instead)

hhr_rpj1 (hrw:hhr_rpj1)

Sample PNG mosaic (nurc:mosaic)

Manhattan (NY) points of interest (tiger:poi)

Points of interest in New York, New York (on Manhattan). One of the attributes contains the name of a file with a picture of the point of interest.

Manhattan (NY) landmarks (tiger:poly_landmarks)

Manhattan landmarks, identifies water, lakes, parks, interesting buildilngs

pop_rpj (hrw:pop_rpj)

respopl (hrw:respopl)

Spearfish restricted areas (sf:restricted)

Sample data from GRASS, restricted areas, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

riskpeople01 (hrw:riskpeople01)

Spearfish roads (sf:roads)

Sample data from GRASS, road layout, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

sfdem is a Tagged Image File Format with Geographic information (sf:sfdem)

USA Population (topp:states)

This is some census data on the states.

Spearfish streams (sf:streams)

Sample data from GRASS, streams, Spearfish, South Dakota, USA

Tasmania cities (topp:tasmania_cities)

Cities in Tasmania (actually, just the capital)

Tasmania roads (topp:tasmania_roads)

Main Tasmania roads

Tasmania state boundaries (topp:tasmania_state_boundaries)

Tasmania state boundaries

Tasmania water bodies (topp:tasmania_water_bodies)

Tasmania water bodies

Manhattan (NY) roads (tiger:tiger_roads)

Highly simplified road layout of Manhattan in New York..

wrcc (hrw:wrcc)

spearfish (spearfish)

Layer-Group type layer: spearfish

tasmania (tasmania)

Layer-Group type layer: tasmania

tiger-ny (tiger-ny)

Layer-Group type layer: tiger-ny

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