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Verportalen (diana)


Precipitation 3h (precipitation_3h_global)

Precipitation 6h (precipitation_6h_global)

Surface pressure (surface_pressure_global)

Wind 10m (wind_10m_global)

Temperature 2m (temperature_2m_global)

Precipitation 1h (precipitation_1h_regional)

Precipitation 3h (precipitation_3h_regional)

Surface pressure (surface_pressure_regional)

Wind 10m (wind_10m_regional)

Temperature 2m (temperature_2m_regional)

Clouds and precipitation (clouds_precipitation_regional)

Radar (radar_precipitation_intensity)

Radar Norway (radar_precipitation_intensity_nordic)

Radar precipitation intensity (radar_precipitation_intensity_reverse)

Sea current (sea_current_regional)

Salinity (sea_salinity_regional)

Sea temperature (sea_temperature_regional)

Sea surface height (sea_surface_height_regional)

Sea waveheight and direction (sea_wave_height_direction_regional)

background (background)

base.LATLON (base.LATLON)

coastlines (coastlines)

Precipitation 1h (h20.Nedbor_1t)

Surface pressure (h20.Trykkfelt)

Wind 10m (h20.vindfelt)

kart (kart)

Bunntopografi (nordic.bottom)

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