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Available map layers (106)

5ftconts_project (NSE:5ftconts_project)

BCAG Photos - Chico (NSE:BCAG Photos - Chico)

BCAG Photos - Oroville (NSE:BCAG Photos - Oroville)

BCAG Photos - Paradise (NSE:BCAG Photos - Paradise)

Butte - 2030 Zoning (NSE:Butte - 2030 Zoning)

Butte - 25 ft. contours (NSE:Butte - 25 ft. contours)

Butte - Addresses (NSE:Butte - Addresses)

Butte - Aerial Photo Index (NSE:Butte - Aerial Photo Index)

Butte - Airport Runways (NSE:Butte - Airport Runways)

Butte - Butte County Meadowfoam Critical Habitat (NSE:Butte - Butte County Meadowfoam Critical Habitat)

Butte - Census Community Areas (NSE:Butte - Census Community Areas)

Butte - City Limits (NSE:Butte - City Limits)

Butte - Community Service Areas (NSE:Butte - Community Service Areas)

Butte - County Owned Property (NSE:Butte - County Owned Property)

Butte - County Supervisor Districts (NSE:Butte - County Supervisor Districts)

Butte - Deer Herd Management Area (NSE:Butte - Deer Herd Management Area)

Butte - E-file Index (NSE:Butte - E-file Index)

Butte - FEMA Floodzones (NSE:Butte - FEMA Floodzones)

Butte - FMMP Prime Farmland (NSE:Butte - FMMP Prime Farmland)

Butte - Fire Stations (NSE:Butte - Fire Stations)

Butte - General Plan (2030) (NSE:Butte - General Plan (2030))

Butte - Grant Deeds (NSE:Butte - Grant Deeds)

Butte - HCP Landcover (NSE:Butte - HCP Landcover)

Butte - Hospitals (NSE:Butte - Hospitals)

Butte - Hydrology (NSE:Butte - Hydrology)

Butte - Lakes (NSE:Butte - Lakes)

Butte - Mosquito Abatement District (NSE:Butte - Mosquito Abatement District)

Butte - NorthStar Survey Benchmarks (NSE:Butte - NorthStar Survey Benchmarks)

Butte - Parcels (owner listed) (NSE:Butte - Parcels (owner listed))

Butte - Parcels 2010 (NSE:Butte - Parcels 2010)

Butte - Parks (NSE:Butte - Parks)

Butte - Parks and Recreation Districts (NSE:Butte - Parks and Recreation Districts)

Butte - Power Lines (NSE:Butte - Power Lines)

Butte - Railroads (NSE:Butte - Railroads)

Butte - Recorded Maps (NSE:Butte - Recorded Maps)

Butte - Right of way (NSE:Butte - Right of way)

Butte - School Districts (NSE:Butte - School Districts)

Butte - Schools (NSE:Butte - Schools)

Butte - Soils (NSE:Butte - Soils)

Butte - Streets (NSE:Butte - Streets)

Butte - Survey Benchmarks (NSE:Butte - Survey Benchmarks)

Butte - Zoning Classifications (NSE:Butte - Zoning Classifications)

California - Air Basins (NSE:California - Air Basins)

California - Air Districts (NSE:California - Air Districts)

California - Bridges (CalTrans jurisdiction) (NSE:California - Bridges (CalTrans jurisdiction))

California - Bridges (local jurisdiction (NSE:California - Bridges (local jurisdiction))

California - Chinook Salmon Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Chinook Salmon Critical Habitat)

California - Colusa Grass Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Colusa Grass Critical Habitat)

California - Conservancy Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Conservancy Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat)

California - Counties (NSE:California - Counties)

California - DFG Facilities (NSE:California - DFG Facilities)

California - DFG Owned Lands (NSE:California - DFG Owned Lands)

California - Fault Lines (NSE:California - Fault Lines)

California - Fire Responsibility Zones (NSE:California - Fire Responsibility Zones)

California - Geology (NSE:California - Geology)

California - Greene's Tuctoria Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Greene's Tuctoria Critical Habitat)

California - Hoover's Spurge Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Hoover's Spurge Critical Habitat)

California - Hyrdologic Unit Codes HUC-10 (NSE:California - Hyrdologic Unit Codes HUC-10)

California - National Wetlands Inventory (NSE:California - National Wetlands Inventory)

California - Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Northern Spotted Owl Critical Habitat)

California - Orcutt Grass (Hairy) (NSE:California - Orcutt Grass (Hairy))

California - Orcutt Grass (slender) (NSE:California - Orcutt Grass (slender))

California - Private Water Districts (NSE:California - Private Water Districts)

California - Public Land Survey System (NSE:California - Public Land Survey System)

California - Public Lands Ownership (NSE:California - Public Lands Ownership)

California - Red-Legged Frog Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Red-Legged Frog Critical Habitat)

California - Solano Grass (NSE:California - Solano Grass)

California - Steelhead Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Steelhead Critical Habitat)

California - Tadpole Shrimp Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Tadpole Shrimp Critical Habitat)

California - Tiger Salamander Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Tiger Salamander Critical Habitat)

California - USGS Benchmarks (NSE:California - USGS Benchmarks)

California - Ultramafic Serpetine Soils (NSE:California - Ultramafic Serpetine Soils)

California - Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (NSE:California - Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle)

California - Vernal Pool Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Vernal Pool Critical Habitat)

California - Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat (NSE:California - Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp Critical Habitat)

California - Vernal Pool Recovery Plan Core Areas (NSE:California - Vernal Pool Recovery Plan Core Areas)

California - VernalPool Recovery Regions (NSE:California - VernalPool Recovery Regions)

California - Vina Plains Preserve (NSE:California - Vina Plains Preserve)

California - Wild and Scenic Rivers (NSE:California - Wild and Scenic Rivers)

California - Protected Areas Database (NSE:California Protected Areas Database)

Chico Aerials (high-res) Index (NSE:Chico Aerials (high-res) Index)

Chico Aerials (high-res) Mosaic Index (NSE:Chico Aerials (high-res) Mosaic Index)

Glenn - Parcels (NSE:Glenn - Parcels)

Grass Valley - City Limits (NSE:Grass Valley - City Limits)

Lidar Aerial Index (NSE:Lidar Aerial Index)

Lidar Index (NSE:Lidar Index)

NSE Job Points (NSE:NSE Job Points)

Nevada - Land Use (NSE:Nevada - Land Use)

Nevada - Zoning (NSE:Nevada - Zoning)

Nevada Co. - Parcels (NSE:Nevada Co. - Parcels)

USGS Quad Index (NSE:USGS Quad Index)

Yuba - Land Use (NSE:Yuba - Land Use)

Yuba - Parcels (NSE:Yuba - Parcels)

Yuba - Zoning (NSE:Yuba - Zoning)

cnddb (NSE:cnddb)

efh_700fm_points_Project (NSE:efh_700fm_points_Project)

efh_consarea_points_Project (NSE:efh_consarea_points_Project)

efh_points_Project (NSE:efh_points_Project)

hospitals (Mosquito:hospitals)

parcels2012 (Mosquito:parcels2012)

parcels2012 (NSE:parcels2012)

parcels2013 (NSE:parcels2013)

rail (Mosquito:rail)

States, USA - Population (usa:states)

sutter_parcels (NSE:sutter_parcels)

testpoly (NSE:testpoly)

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