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2012 Congressional Districts (cng2012)

cng2012_labels (cng2012_labels)

2002 Congressional Districts (cng2002)

cng2002_labels (cng2002_labels)

1994 Congressional Districts (cng94)

cng94_anno (cng94_anno)

2012 Senate Districts (sen2012)

sen2012_labels (sen2012_labels)

2002 Senate Districts (sen2002)

sen2002_labels (sen2002_labels)

1994 Senate Districts (sen94)

sen94_labels (sen94_labels)

2012 House Districts (hse2012)

hse2012_labels (hse2012_labels)

2002 House Districts (hse2002)

hse2002_labels (hse2002_labels)

1994 House Districts (hse94)

hse94_labels (hse94_labels)

2013 Met Council Districts (mc2013)

mc2013-1A_labels (mc2013-1A_labels)

2003 Met Council Districts (mc03)

mc03_labels (mc03_labels)

2012 Precincts (vtd2012)

vtd2012_labels (vtd2012_labels)

2010 Precincts (vtd2010)

vtd2010_labels (vtd2010_labels)

2008 Precincts (vtd2008)

vtd2008_labels (vtd2008_labels)

2012 Election Data (elec2012)

elec2012_labels (elec2012_labels)

2010 Election Data (elec2010)

elec2010_labels (elec2010_labels)

2008 Election Data (elec2008)

elec2008_labels (elec2008_labels)

2013 School Districts (sd2013)

sd_anno (sd_anno)

2010 Cities and Townships (mcd2010)

mcd_anno (mcd_anno)

2010 Counties (county2010)

county2010_anno (county2010_anno)

2010 American Indian Reservations (amerind2010)

amerind2010_anno (amerind2010_anno)

2010 Census Blocks (blk2010)

blk2010_anno (blk2010_anno)

2010 Census Block Groups (blkgrp2010)

blkgrp2010_anno (blkgrp2010_anno)

2010 Census Tracts (tract2010)

tract2010_anno (tract2010_anno)

LSOHC FY2010 Project Locations (FY2010)

LSOHC FY2011 Project Locations (FY2011)

LSOHC FY2012 Project Locations (FY2012)

LSOHC FY2013 Project Locations (FY2013)

LSOHC Sections (Sections)

ENRTF Land Acquisitions (landacq)

landacq_anno (landacq_anno)

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