IGME (Geological Survey of Spain)

IGME Bedrock and Superficial geology

OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit
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IGME (Geological Survey of Spain) (unverified)

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Fernando Perez Cerdan

IGME (Geological Survey of Spain)

Rios Rosas 23, 28003 Madrid, Spain


Phone: +34 913495766

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The 1:1M Geological Map of Spain covers the Spanish part of the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, and Ceuta and Melilla (African territories). The Geologic Units are represented in three different layers: Bedrock and Superficial Units, Lithology Units and Geologic Age. An additional layer of faults is also available. For the Geological Age the International Stratigraphic Chart (2006) have been used. The Chronostratigraphic Units included are Erathem and System.

Available map layers (2)

1GE IGME 1M surface Geologic Unit (OGE_1M_surface_GeologicUnit)

IGME 1:1M-scale surface Geologic Unit

1GE IGME 1M surface Geologic Structure (OGE_1M_surface_GeologicStructure)

IGME 1:1M-scale surface Geologic Structure

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